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Automatic Circuit Fault Detector


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Auto Circuit Voltage Circuit Fault Maintenance Detector

Product information:


①Probe: used to contact the circuit or component to be tested;
②LDE lamp: provide lighting function during work;
③LCD screen: display test results and provide polarity indication, mark positive, negative or open circuit, when the probe tip touches the alignment circuit,
The screen shows red, when the probe tip touches to terminate the short circuit, the screen turns green;
④Power switch: used to activate and test the functions of electrical components, and provide short-circuit or short-circuit current guidance for the components;
⑤Function button: used to select working mode, AC voltage, DC voltage, resistance, diode;
⑥Cigarette lighter adapter: used to get electricity from the cigarette lighter position to provide working power to BT-260;
Battery clamp: used to take electricity from the car battery pile head to provide working power for BT-260;


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Automatic Circuit Fault Detector
Automatic Circuit Fault Detector
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